Skye's story

We can completely reshape our lives - gently and with immense pleasure.


An undernourished brain is an unhappy brain. I can personally vouch for this. I was a vibrant lass. In 2002 my best friend who also happened to be my younger sister passed away from Cerebral Malaria while she was living in Sumbawa Indonesia. I flew into Brisbane airport from her funeral only to hear that my lovely hound had passed while i was away. Severe grief and a compromised immune system lead me to my arrival in hospital two months later with Viral Meningitis. I was deeply unhappy and let's just say that I was far from well.

While in hospital, one of the first things I said to myself was, if i make it, I'm not spending another day doing what I think I SHOULD be doing. Time to redesign my entire life. For now, health ABSOLUTELY had to be my highest priority.

Slowly and tenderly I stepped onto the path to health. Treatment began from an Integrative GP, combining traditional medicine with evidence-based multi-modal life-style intervention including progressive exercise, meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioural therapy and consuming "brain food". Every time I reached for a tasty morsel, I would ask myself… “Is this helping me heal or not?”. Within eight months I was feeling happier. 18 months later I was a different woman. This journey has lead me to study neuroscience, nutrition and Zen Budhhism with Zen Master Michael Doko-Hatchett.

Our neuropathology is deeply influenced by the food we eat and lifestyle choices. So here’s to the task of devouring tasty morsels and lifestyle practices that nourish a brain primed for good moods, learning and clear thinking. Why? So that we may take care of ourselves, each other and our environment well. To have this opportunity, we are some of the most fortunate beings on the planet. Don’t waste a moment. Eat yourself happy xx Skye