Skye Craig wants to feed you. She doesn’t just want to feed you delicious whole food, she wants to nourish you silly til you're smiling inside and out.

Since her time on the tv series MasterChef, she’s released her first book Wild Sugar Desserts, which has been translated into Swedish and travelled from Australia to Europe, been host of food and travel show Taste Of Travel on Channel 10, plus attends personal and tv appearances including The Circle, Mornings on Nine, The Morning Show Channel 7 and Everyday Gourmet.

When she’s not in the kitchen concocting recipes to help make you happier, you’ll find Skye meandering her way through the local markets, doing her very best to live yoga, meditation and is a self confessed snowboarding addict. Outside of finding any way to have herself covered in snow in the alps, this whole food junkie with a penchant for making people happy somehow managed to turn her addictions into a career.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt during my time on this slow spinning blue planet, it’s that many of us have the opportunity to be the very best that we can be - utterly happy and undeniably well. All of this, so that we in turn have the capacity to help others to feel alive, vibrant and deeply content. It IS possible, and sometimes all that’s required is being clear about what we eat. Here’s to the task of devouring tasty morsels specifically designed for growing a brain that’s primed for good moods, learning and clear thinking. To have this opportunity in the first place, we are some of the most fortunate beings on the planet. Don’t waste a moment.