Alabaster Stoneware Fermentation Pot



Fermentation Pot by Kinfolk & Co.

This beautiful yet functional fermentation crock pot is handcrafted in a pottery studio just north of Byron Bay.

Made from durable slip cast porcelain the Kinfolk and Co. fermentation crock is the simplest and easiest tool for creating healthy, delicious fermented vegetables every time!

The 2L size is perfect for small families, couples or casual fermenters who want to try new recipes without committing to large amounts. The fermentation crock lid also doubles up as a beautiful bowl to serve your homemade kraut in. This classic off white colour is super fresh and is designed to suit all kitchen styles allowing this beautiful pot to stay on your kitchen bench for years to come.

Lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Includes: 2 handcrafted custom ceramic weights, instructions & recipe book

Dimensions: 180mm x 170mm